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Be On A Team You Can Count On

Form new practices to help your team

lead relationally and share power

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You and Your Team are Too Important to Function in Survival Mode

Is your team disconnected and ineffective?

Does it drain the life out of you?

You shouldn’t have to just survive your team.

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There is More to Team Than
Just Surviving

Be On A Team That...


Learn to value each other’s unique skills, talents, and personal styles

Shares Power

Form relationships of trust as you work together as equals


Build new team practices to increase connection, clarity and commitment

Our practices will energize you and
expand your team's impact!

Being on a team you can’t count on will drain the life out of you.
We have been there and know the difference between
just SURVIVING and actually THRIVING.

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Our team practices and theories have been developed from working with teams for over 40 years of lived team experiences. 

"The team at Ledge helped us identify and

address long standing barriers to our team’s success.

Their personal approach connected with our team and built trust

from our first meeting."

david smith

Municipal CAO

You Can Be On A Team You
Can Count On

1. Talk To A Ledge Team Coach

2. Explore Your


3. Move Forward To Team Success

Let’s have a conversation to clarify your needs and create a

customized plan that is best for you and your team

You are often required to work on a team even when you think it’s a waste of time and energy. It can seem easier to get your work done without the team’s input. You might think that if everyone would just do what they’re told, the team would be fine.

You may believe...

now is not a good time to work on team development, as your team all have too much on their plates.


You might think...

your team will get better on its own when you are less busy, you are less stressed, the problem person quits or is let go, you are given a new boss.

It’s hard to imagine...

spending money on team development when you have so many other priorities.

It’s discouraging and frustrating...

especially if you have tried to improve your team before. 

86% of employees and executives cite lack of collaboration or ineffective communication for workplace failures

Source: Salesforce

Life is too short to be involved in teams that are ineffective and drain the life out of you every single time you meet. 

About 75% of employees regard collaboration and teamwork as "very important"


Source: Queens University of Charlotte

Stop Surviving and Start Thriving

You will be energized and your team

will expand their impact

Ledge coaches existing teams, individual leaders and young leaders 

to form practices that transform how they and their team function. People will want to work together and will spend less time resolving problems with colleagues.

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