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Be a Leader you can count on

Certificate Courses that prepare you to

rethink and reimagine

your leadership practices 

You feel unprepared for the leadership challenges
you actually experience

Your life is busy and stressful.

You are constantly dealing with unresolved differences and unmotivated individuals.

Your team is ineffective and stressed.

You attend training and conferences but are left uninspired.

You want to implement new ideas but other priorities get in the way. 

You don't have to feel unprepared

You Lead Yourself and Others Everyday
Become A Prepared Leader

Is Self Led

Lead yourself in stressful situations with stressed out people

Shares Power

Work as equals to build team relationships of trust and connection

Creates Change

Make incremental shifts within your team and organizational system

Our Leadership Reimagined Certificate Courses and Individual Coaching & Consulting
Will Prepare You

Reimagine being a Leader who...

We know what it’s like to feel unprepared.
We’ve been there.

We are more prepared because we have learned to lead from within by implementing new personal and team practices.

Our team practices and theories have been developed from working with leaders for over 40 years of lived team experiences. 

Prepare with our Leadership Reimagined Certificate Courses and Individual

Coaching & Consulting


We offer 4 courses to prepare you as a leader

Leadership Certificate Courses

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Leadership Coaching and Consulting

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Be a leader You Can Count On

1. Talk To A Ledge Leadership Coach

2. Explore Your


3. Be Prepared for Leadership Success

Let’s have a conversation to clarify your needs and learn more

about the training that is right for you

Leadership Reimagined Certificate Courses will help you:

Develop a deeper awareness of the personal challenges you face

Learn new leadership practices that help you lead at your best

Build on your strengths through an objective assessment of your natural abilities

Recognize and use your self leadership to expand your impact

Implement systems of change that inspire and empower

Make decisions and move forward with strength from personal reflection

Identify and deal with differences and conflicts

Increase your confidence to speak across a table or an auditorium  

Leadership Reimagined Certificate Courses are right for you if you:

Are in a leadership / management / supervisory role

Work in a For Profit, Not For Profit or Charity


Are motivated to grow as a leader


Are open to exploring new leadership concepts


Want to apply new learning in your current context

Reimagine Your Leadership

 Young Woman Contemplating_edited_edited

You have too much on your plate.

You might think things will get better when you are less busy, when you are less stressed, the 
problem person quits or is let go,

you are given a new boss.

You may believe that now is not a good time to

work on your leadership:

It’s hard to imagine putting money into your personal leadership development when there are 
so many other priorities.

It’s discouraging and frustrating especially when you have been to so many other leadership 
trainings and conferences in the past.

Life is too short to feel unprepared as a leader.

This can drain the life out of you. 

Leadership Reimagined Certificate Courses prepare you to rethink and reimagine your leadership. 

Be part of a shared learning environment both in person and online.
There will be intentional space for individual reflection, interactive experiences, and group feedback.

Connect with and learn from veteran leadership professionals in education, business, government, and community engagement.
People will be energized working with you and you will spend less time
resolving problems and conflicts with colleagues. 

Investing your time and energy with us will increase the
quality of your leadership.

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