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build A Team You Can Count On

We can help form new practices

to energize you and expand

your team's impact

Your team is disconnected and ineffective.

It drains the life out of you.

You shouldn’t have to just survive your team.

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You and Your Team are Too Important to Function in Survival Mode

1. Talk To A Ledge Team Coach

2. Explore Your


3. Move Forward To Team Success

Let’s have a conversation to clarify your needs and create a

customized plan that is best for you and/or your team

"I had the opportunity to work with Ledge after forming a new team. Working with Ledge, we were able to quickly determine the strengths of our team, how each other works under pressure, allowing us to create a stronger team, supporting each other."

emily morrison

Executive Director - Launch Pad

There is More to Team Than Just Surviving

Be On A Team That...


Learn to value each other’s unique skills, talents, and personal styles

Shares Power

Form relationships of trust as you work together as equals


Build new team practices to increase connection, clarity and commitment

Become Energized and Thrive!

Challenging Questions You May be Asking
About Your Team

What are the critical aspects to helping my team function well?


How does each team member recognize their unique assets?

How can the assets of my team be utilized for increased effectiveness?

How do my teammates trust each other and develop their relationships?

How can my team enjoy meeting together and be productive?

How can my team measure their progress and collaborate to reach goals?


How does my team navigate complex conversations?

How does my team deal with differences, conflict, and accountability?

Find solutions to these important questions 


Here are some ways your team can shift
from just surviving to thriving

We help your
team build



Bring a deeper understanding to the biological impact of stress for each member of the team and how it affects team function.

Move teammates to a deeper understanding of their own abilities and how they can effectively utilize those assets to reach team objectives.

Expand and deepen the team’s capacity to navigate complex conversations through lively discussion and debate around ideas.

Form consistent practices to reinforce and support the team’s capacity to:

  • appreciate each other

  • work collaboratively

  • make clear decisions

  • follow through on responsibilities

  • form methods for evaluating ongoing progress and action

Integrate these new practices into the culture of your organization

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