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Help Young Leaders Find Their
Path ForwarD...Now!

When emerging adults learn to

lead relationally and share power, they will change the world…no regrets.

Do You Ever Wish You Had Taken a Different Path?

Have you ever looked back on your life and wondered what if?

What if I had learned more about myself, others, and the world around me before I launched into life as an adult?

What if I had taken time to consider my direction at this

significant stage in my life?

For this generation, the transition to adulthood

is even more significant. They are faced with challenges

never experienced in the past:

More educated but less prepared for employers who want experience and life skills

Delayed and confused about making life decisions like career and family

Facing a high risk of mental illness and addiction

More connected digitally than any other generation but yet have relational challenges


Unaware of their natural abilities and their personal values

You can help a young leader find their path forward

Ledge provides individual training and transformational team experiences to form a generation of emerging adults who know how to lead relationally and share power

We have designed a Whole Person Development Model

that teaches young adults to…


by taking a step back in order to process past and present experiences, actions, thoughts, sensations, and feelings. This enables them to move forward with clarity and purpose.


by taking steps to communicate and connect with people in meaningful and authentic ways. This develops openness and flexibility and leads to valuing the individual contributions of others.


by taking action as a whole person…mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. This challenges them to be more aware of themselves, others, and the world around them.

“YouthBuilders was foundational to my personal development. It gave me the tools and practice I needed to inspire and work within diverse teams.  I learned to seek the opinions of others, to influence and work collaboratively, to own my mistakes and share the team’s successes. I regularly reflect on the value these experiences have brought to my personal and professional life.”

ADAM NOBLE - Axonify

Our team practices and theories have developed

from working with teams for over 40 years of

lived team experiences.

Ledge is a Not For Profit Charity offering team experiences and training for youth and adults.

Charity Number: 849597844 RR 0002 

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